1134 Fulton Street Likely To Become An Even Bigger Development

BEDFORD STUYVESANT – The dusty cavity below the Franklin Avenue shuttle train station in Bedford Stuyvesant is beginning to show signs of progress –– three and a half years after developer Joseph Brunner purchased the property for $19,000,000.

The building was originally proposed as an 8-story, mixed-use project at 1134 Fulton Street, at the corner of Franklin Avenue. It was supposed to have 116 apartments, over 18,000 sq. ft. of commercial space and a 72-car attended underground parking garage, according to the most recent Department of Buildings (DOB) approved permits.

Rendering via Karl Fischer Architects

Karl Fischer is the architect on file, and has submitted plan revisions proposing to add two more stories and 66 additional residential units and one extra parking spot.  

Developers met with the Housing and Land Use Committee of Community Board 3 on Dec. 13, 2017 to present a voluntary inclusionary housing plan, according to District Manager Henry Butler. At the meeting, developers presented plans that indicated 37 of the 182 residential units would be dedicated to affordable housing, only 20% of the entire residential space. DOB has not yet approved the revised plans.

“Considering the mayor’s ongoing efforts to provide more affordable housing, the project revisions will likely be approved,” said Butler.

While construction is underway now, there was a yearlong lull during part of 2016 and 2017. Neighbors say the halt occurred because of some structural damage the work was imposing on neighboring properties.  During that time the property drew several violations, two of which were for failure to provide a clear walkway for pedestrians according to DOB reports. At the time DOB noted the site was not active.

“Residents in the neighborhood have mixed feelings about the development,” said Elisa Holland, 43, who has lived in the area for eight years. Holland said some residents are interested in taking advantage of the new parking opportunities that will come with the new development, yet some worry about increased gentrification that tends to result in skyrocketing rents.

Those mixed feelings extend to the areas retail outlets as well. Some residents welcomed the replacement of the often-condemned Key Food with a new grocery store.  But when residents met with developers on Sept. 12, they were told that a Starbucks and a pet spa would occupy the commercial space instead.  

Neighboring commercial tenants also scoffed at losing prime real estate because of the development.

Rico Davis, 42, who works at the Big Apple Cigar & Smoke Shop previously located close to the intersection of Franklin Avenue and Fulton Street, said he noticed the decline in business after being forced to relocate halfway down Fulton Street in 2015.

“Location is always number one in business anyway,” said Davis. “Once we moved to the middle of the block away from the corner that has a bus stop and two train stations we saw a decline in at least a third of the business.”

Signage on the construction site indicates a completion date of 2018 but Empire Management & Construction applied and was approved for construction site insurance that does not expire until Sept. of 2019. A construction worker unwilling to give his name said he expects the project to be done close to the beginning of 2019.

Joel Weiss of Empire Management & Construction did not return several calls for comment.

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Kadia Goba

Former Politics Reporter for Bklyner, covering Brooklyn politics and Crown Heights/PLG/Bed Stuy. @kadiagoba


  1. it would be great to have a first rate super market with decent food choices. What about a Trader Joe’s?? We do not need a Star Bucks. This is a great location for public transportation. We really should make the most of it.
    Also something needs to be done about the traffic congestion on Franklin Avenue and Fulton Street. And Franklin Avenue and Lefferts Place. It is take your life in your hands to try and cross these streets. Also forget about coming off Lefferts Place to enter Brevoort Street in order not to have to go to atlantic Avenue to get to Bedford Avenue. Who are these geniuses that do not take this congestion into account??? One solution that would definitely help would be to place a stop sign on the corner where the #48 bus stops. i can just see the additional congestion once the new building is completed.
    Also community input would help a lot. But then what do they know we only live here. It’s all about the money. mark my word. They are great about fixing the barn door after the horse has left the stall.

  2. not that gentrification is the answer, but this corner is a blight on the neighborhood and needs change. being situated between the homeless shelter at the armory and the methadone clinic on Fulton, this area fosters littering, public drinking, drug sale and usage.

  3. I feel that if they’re going to be allowed to build higher, the residents of the area should be given something for this – perhaps they can put up money to help secure the reopening of the Classon entrance to the Franklin Ave station.

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