11 Fantastic Brunch Locations In Kensington/Windsor Terrace

11 Fantastic Brunch Locations In Kensington/Windsor Terrace
Hamiltons Ella Fitzgerald

Kensington has two kinds of places to brunch — the greasy spoon diner, and the organic greens cafe. Though they present food differently, the same people frequent both types of cafes: our neighbors. Before you brunch, you only need to ask yourself, “Am I in the mood for a Western omelet loaded with cheddar cheese or do I want farm fresh eggs with a side of locally grown side salad?”

The 11 restaurants below are easily accessible via the F train or are within walking distance of your home.

Diner-Style Brunch
At the following locations you’ll be treated with American-sized portions, french fries, and free coffee refills. The children’s menu will likely offer chicken fingers. These hot-spots are the places to frequent if you want to cap off your brunch by licking sticky syrup off your fingers.

Moondos Grill

The Latin-American bistro Moondos Grill (424 Church Ave) serves delicious breakfast burritos alongside plates of french toast. After brunch, treat yourself to an ice cream — vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry — to go.

Faros Restaurant

Breakfast is served all day at Faros Restaurant (95 Church Ave). Faros is generous with its portions and reasonable with its costs. Two eggs, home fries, toast, sausage, and coffee will set you back only $6.25.

George's Restaurant

The wait staff at George’s (753 Coney Island Ave) is friendly and patient. George’s may be our only local diner open 24 hours. Yelp reviewers recommend diner favorites: burgers and omelets.

Terrace Coffee Shop

There are no other restaurants near Terrace Coffee Shop (598 19th St), though a playground across 11th Ave is a great place to have little ones wear themselves out before sitting down for a meal. Terrace Coffee Shop has a dedicated following — likely neighbors who live in walking distance — and they recommend the burgers. Terrace also has a lot of Mexican specialties worth trying. Seek out Terrace Coffee Shop; you’ll be happy you did.

WIndsor Cafe

Windsor Cafe (220 Prospect Park West) offers up an extensive menu including sandwiches, salads, burgers, and of course, omelets. The variety means that no matter who you bring to brunch, they’ll be able to find something on the menu. Windsor Cafe is just a block from Prospect Park making it the perfect restaurant to start — or end — a park activity.

Terrace Bagels

Just one door down, Terrace Bagels (224 Prospect Park West) is selling regular and small bagels while the restaurant is under construction. It will reopen soon and you’ll be able to treat yourself to a whole lot more.

Elora's Restaurant

Should you want something other than eggs over-easy and French toast, try Elora’s (272 Prospect Park West) for a Spanish and Mexican flair. Elora’s can accommodate large parties — my friend regularly took her 6 kids to Elora’s — without breaking the bank.

Brunch With Organic Greens
The following locations strive to provide hearty brunches that are eco- and health-friendly. Brooklyn Commune, for example, offers space for a CSA pick-up and grows its own kale. If you’re looking for presentation, thoughtfulness, and lots of greens, try one of the locations listed below.

Brooklyn Commune

Brooklyn Commune (601 Greenwood Ave) was the first brunch cafe in Kensington/Windsor Terrace to serve organic, fair trade, and locally-grown items when possible. To attract families, they covered a wall  in black board paint so little ones can draw with chalk while they wait for their kidwich. The kids’ menu is just as tasty and healthy as the regular menu. If you love your brunch at the Commune — and we bet you will — they sell prepared food to go.

Le Paddock

Prospect Avenue is becoming something of a whole-food destination. One block from Brooklyn Commune is a French-style bistro, Le Paddock (1235 Prospect Ave) so named in honor of Kensington Stables. Le Paddock opened in September 2011 “to bring affordable quality food to Kensington Windsor Terrace,” so says their website.  Regulars recommend the breakfast pizza, eggs and all.

Le P'tit Paris

Another French Bistro, Le P’tit Paris Bistro (256 Prospect Park West) offers a $10 brunch with unlimited coffee, tea, or orange juice; or a $16 brunch with unlimited mimosa, bloody Mary, house wine, or sangaria. Diners can brunch a la carte as well, ordering soup or a sandwich.

Hamilton's Menu

Anchoring the east end of Fort Hamilton Parkway is Hamilton’s (2826 Fort Hamilton Pkwy) which includes a large green salad with every brunch entree. Hamilton’s keeps 18 beers on tap, but they certainly also welcome kids. I recommend the Ella Fitzgerald.

Our summer challenge to Kensington neighbors: spend the next 11 Saturdays strategically brunching at each of the 11 locations listed above. Eat your way through our culinary hot spots. Feel free to report back here with, we hope, a thumbs up!


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