1001 Nights Now Open… Even During The Day!

1001 Nights Restaurant Sheepshead Bay

We’re a little late on this one, as the business has actually been open for at least a month. 1001 Nights is a restaurant in, what would seem to me, the least desired location in Sheepshead Bay. It’s at 35 Neptune Avenue, wedged between Oakley’s Car Wash and Laundry King, spitting distance of the Q train overpass, and facing a car dealership.

Not exactly a romantic location; perhaps that’s why they built the exterior almost like a fortress, to keep the grungy external environment from imposing on the internal atmosphere.

Despite all that jazz, though, we’ve only been hearing great things about this place. They specialize in cuisine from Uzbekistan, a Central Asian nation that was once a stopping point along the Silk Road. Why the history lesson? Well, that means the food shares influences from Asian, Middle Eastern and European cultures. And that sounds pretty damn awesome to me.

We’ll be checking this place out. If you’ve already been, then, by all means, give us a recommendation.