100 Ocean Parkway Up in Black Smoke?

100 Ocean Parkway Up in Black Smoke?
Black Smoke from 100 Ocean Parkway

Blech! Neighbors on the KWT listserve have been complaining about black smoke belching from 100 Ocean Parkway, pictured above. Some concerned neighbors thought the building was on fire though it appeared, according to a later post, the smoke was due to old and new fuel mixing during a furnace transition.

With all the discussion about air pollution and the need to call 311, only 2 calls were reported. One call on 1/16 and another on 1/18, both for “Air: smoke, chimney, or vent (AS1).”

There are no open violations at 100 Ocean Parkway, either. The most recent building violation was reported on 1/7/2013 for a falling hammer. The building was inspected, no scaffolding was spotted, the case was closed.


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