10 Things To Do With A Phone Book (Instead Of Throwing It Out)

new phonebook

We just got this phone book. Anyone else getting them at their door? If you receive the latest edition and are all like…

… then cheers to you. If you’re not, don’t sweat it.

1. Use pages as kindling for your grill or fireplace, or add them to your compost pile.

2. Save them for your child’s next papier mache project–or your own.

3. Make a hollow book for valuables–because safes are just so garish.

4. Wrap the book in cotton batting and cover it in fabric for a booster seat that’s cuter than just the book by itself.

5. Crumple pages into balls to keep delicate objects safe when you move. Who needs to spend $$$ on bubble wrap?

6. Make a surprisingly-fantastic desk organizer.

7. Cover a lampshade for instantly-romantic lighting.

8. For a wedding or a decorative wreath, learn how to make gorgeous paper flowers.

9. Protect your coffee table with wound paper coasters (method works for bowls, too).

10. Or, heck, just make an entire coffee table.

Of course, you could always opt out of getting the book anymore (or at least try to). But, hey, if you end up with one this year, now you’ll have a few more options.


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