10 Gifts for $10 Dollars for Valentine’s Day

10 Gifts for $10 Dollars for Valentine’s Day
Valentine sock monkey

Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be expensive. We’ve scoured the neighborhood for reasonably priced Valentine’s Day gifts.

Chocolate Hearts

valentine heart candy1

Heart shaped boxes of chocolate can be found as cheap as 99 cents at Rite Aid (302 Church Ave) and Walgreens (114 Beverly Rd).

valentine heart candy

In the $10 range you can score a box with “princess” spelled out in rhinestones. Mime’s Flowers & Gifts (217 Cortelyou Rd) wrapped baskets of chocolate in cellophane.

Stuffed Animals

Valentine Day gift animals

Stuffed doe-eyed puppies with “I love you” boxes are only $4.99, as are funky-heart sock monkeys (pictured above). Larger plush animals aren’t much more that $10 and double as a pillow. (Rite Aid and Walgreens)


Valentine Day gift balloons

A small helium balloons stuck in box of candy costs $3.99. Upgrade and you’ll be out only $5.99. Single helium balloons are $2. (Rite Aid and Walgreens)

Cards and Candy

Valentine Day cards

Grade schoolers traditionally hand out valentine cards to the entire class. Boxes of valentines start at $2.99. Expect to pay up to $3.50 per box if you want to include pencils or candy. (Rite Aid, Walgreens and Mime’s).

valentine candy

The candy aisle is full of classics—Hersey kisses and lollipops—dyed pink and red. Valentine heart candy is sold in sets of 9 for $3.49.


valentine flower

Roses, the symbol of love, are sold in candy form ($2.99 at Rite Aid and Walgreens) and as long stems ($5 per stem) at Sigailt Florist (406 Church Ave). For something more creative, Sigalit sells potted plants with Valentine’s Day accessories.

Does your budget exceed $10? Sigalit and Shannon Nursery & Florist (3380 Ft. Hamilton Pkwy) create and deliver indulgent bouquets to match any budget.

Just over the Prospect Expressway, the Brooklyn Commune (601 Greenwood Ave) has heart shaped cookies and brownies dunked in pink and red sprinkles that will set you back about $3 per cookie. Steeplechase (3013 Ft. Hamilton Pkwy), as of this writing, wasn’t planning on valentine specific treats, but a sugar cookie from them would make any valentine sweet on you.


valentine glasses

Walgreens sells a $9.99 Valentine’s Day wine glass set. Pair it with a $5 bottle of Marlborough Hills Chardonnay from Rite Aid. Alternatively, head back to Windsor Terrace. The staff at the Juice Box (1289 Prospect Ave) will find you a bottle for under $10. Talk up its ‘full body’ and ‘chocolate undertones’ and your date will never know the wine was reasonably priced.

Do you have a favorite, inexpensive Valentine’s gift? If so, tell us in the comments what it is and how we can duplicate it in the neighborhood.


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