Work Begins On 4th Avenue Bike Lane In Park Slope

PARK SLOPE – The NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) announced last week that work has begun on the Park Slope portion of the 4th Avenue protected bike lane.

DOT crews kicked off work last week between 1st Street and 15th Street to implement safety improvements along the busy avenue, including:

  • Installing curbside, parking-protected bike lanes
  • Painting new pedestrian islands at intersections
  • Updating parking regulations and expanding metered parking

In December 2017, DOT presented plans to install four miles of protected bike lanes, and other improvements, along 4th Avenue from 65th Street to Atlantic Avenue in an effort to provide bicyclists a direct route from Bay Ridge and Sunset Park to Downtown Brooklyn.

In January 2018, Council Member Brad Lander and Brooklyn Community Board 6 approved DOT’s proposal with the condition that the agency expedite the Park Slope/Boerum Hill portion of the project (8th Street to Atlantic) which was scheduled to be completed in Summer 2021. DOT agreed and committed to extending interim improvements to Atlantic Avenue by Fall 2019, using temporary, in-house materials, such as paint and flexible posts, until permanent materials are installed in 2021. The agency is currently using the temporary materials.

Crews working on 4th Avenue between 10th & 11th Streets, April 30, 2019 (Photo: Pamela Wong/Bklyner)

Bikes lanes were installed from 60th to 64th Street in Sunset Park last year, according to a DOT spokesperson, however ongoing MTA work has prevented the agency from extending the bike lane from 60th to 38th Street. This work includes repairs to the N and R subway tunnel, CBS New York reported in February. DOT will start work on these blocks as the MTA completes each section of its project.

Work will continue on the bike lane south from 15th Street to 38th Street this summer, according to DOT. Work heading north from 1st Street will not start until 2020 as the agency analyzes traffic along this strip and finalizes the design.



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Pamela Wong

Pam was a staff reporter at Bklyner, covering North-Western parts of Brooklyn between 2016 and 2019. She also writes about art at


  1. Wonder why traffic is slow in the city? Its because a moron from Chicago named Brad Lander is still pushing the Bloomberg failed policy of creating bike lanes, which take out one lane for cars. Unfortunately, Lander and DeBlasio can’t figure out that if there are three traffic lanes and one becomes a bike lane, then traffic will slow down 33%. Instead of spending money on useless bike lanes for 100 people a day, this money should have been spent to restore the F Train Express to get people to work faster, something Lander doesn’t understand as he drives from his free privilege parking space in Park Slope to a reserved space at City Hall. Instead, Lander blocked the F Train Express and instead is more focus on helping illegals in the city get food stamps, free housing, free college and free medicaid. Lander the moron is also responsible for stopping the police from arresting pot smokers, those who urinate in public (unless its white men dress up as Santas who pee in front of the Lander family), fare beaters, etc., while getting the city council to okay Cuomo’s regressive nickel paper shopping bag tax in New York City. If Lander was an elected official in his native Chicago, he would be apologizing to the lying Jesse Smollet for receiving a bill of $130,000 for the cost of overtime when the police were investigating a crime which never occurred or perhaps Lander would be holding a fundraising for Smollet.

  2. Great to hear that the DOT is finally implementing its plan! Earlier designs included planting trees along the median– when will that take place?

  3. Very excited for this. Hopefully this will make 4th ave a safer place for pedestrians and cyclists alike.

  4. I’m also very excited to see this coming true!

    Melissa: This DOT presentation [*] says the “capital project” will happen in 2019 and 2020 on slide 27. The capital project includes the trees among other things (slides 30 and 31). This presentation is from 2017, and I seem to recall the capital projects being delayed until 2020 and 2021 in the meantime, but I can’t find a source for that right now.


  5. Wonder why traffic is slow in the city? Its because too many people drive cars. We should do everything we can to make it easier to around without one. This bike lane is wonderful news.

  6. It’s more complicated than people think- above chandler thinks that taking out 1out of 3 lanes on 4th slows traffic 33%. But Atlantic snd the Brooklyn Bridge, and much of Flatbush, have two lanes. So that extra lane on 4th is what DOT calls “storage”— a place to sit and wait to get through the bottleneck.

    Believe it or not, the good people who work hard st this really are not morons. They know a lot!
    Traffic sucks because there are more cars and too many bottlenecks. I drive and bike. More bikes = faster lanes, not slower.

  7. I agree with Candler that Lander is a moron. What slows traffic are the bike lanes along with double parked cars, trucks which double park while making deliveries, school buses and a proliferation of Uber cars in recent years.
    These bike lanes are not necessary as only 100 people use them daily, mostly messengers or deliveries on electric scooters from Chinese food places. Instead of bike lanes which slow traffic down, if the city wants people to drive less, then bring back the subway to the Guiliani years when the trains were safe, clean, A/C, ran mostly on time and it was a pleasure to use mass transit and the fare was relatively affordable. Then, there would be fewer cars on the road. Improvement of quality of life on the subways is needed to get people out of their cars such as getting rid of the homeless, smelly bums, sleepers, those who smell of pot and dogs off the trains and have the police patrol and ticket fare beaters and those who violate the rights of others such as the radio blasters, the panhandlers, the beggars and the criminals. To prove Lander is a moron, he has blocked the restoration of the F Train Express which will get commuters into Manhattan faster from everywhere in Brooklyn except for his friends in Park Slope who have a shorter commute to work.

  8. Trees on the 4th Avenue median? What will hold them up…a hollow subway tunnel underneath? The sensible among us will tell you the same thing: Can never happen. Potted plants, maybe. 4th Avenue will become the latest “single-file” traffic adventure, clogged up with idling trucks and added pollution…not what The Slope or any neighborhood needs. And it was supposed to become “the Park Avenue of Brooklyn”! Let’s see how quickly Manhattan’s Park Avenue will accept a bike lane…gotta be just a matter of time.

  9. Trees planted on the median will have shallow roots and will die quickly. This has happened elsewhere, but Lander doesn’t bother thinking out the consequences before he talks. Its just another crazy idea from Brad Lunatic Lander. The Bloomberg era bike lanes do slow down traffic by removing a lane. Another Bloomberg era blunder, are the Pedestrian Parks which removed cars from Broadway from 50th Street down to 33rd Street, clogging up nearby avenues. DeBlasio, pushed by Lunatic Lander, closed off Prospect Park and Central Park to all cars, including during needed rush hours. Get rid of Bloomberg’s pedestrian parks and open up Prospect and Central Parks to traffic from 6AM – 10 AM & 4PM – 7 PM, traffic speed will pick up. The closing off Prospect and Central Parks to traffic has permitted bikers to race through terrorizing pedestrians, even killing one in recent years.

  10. Yes, Brad Lander is a moron (one who thinks he is smarter than a smart man). Lander likes to dictate to us from his Park Slope home that he is one of the guys but he unethically voted himself a 35% raise two years ago to $147,000/year plus his wife is paid more than this from her executive job with Planned Parenthood so he lives a privilege life style in contrast to most of his constituents. Does Lander bike? Probably not. He drives. He is a hypocrite who has messed up good schools in his neighborhood shortly after his children (and DeBlasio’s) graduated. He has no conception that shoppers need their free plastic grocery bags to carry home their items in multiple bags. Rather, Lander has ordered us to get use to life without plastic. Has Lander ever carried home heavy items in paper bags? Probably not as most Park Slopers get their food home delivered in boxes. Paper bags allow shoppers to carry only two at a time in contrast to plastic which one can carry at least on each arm. Lander will then dictate that we use one of his polycloth reusable bags which can only be carried one at a time and can’t hold much more than one bottle of Pepsi. Two bottles and these bags tear and become useless, thrown in the garbage and because they are made of fossil fuel, never break down in the landfills while taking up much more room than plastic bags. These bike lanes will just slow down traffic even more which will be used by elitists like Lander and Cuomo to justify congestion pricing. This is not Europe and there will never be enough people biking to work, especially with weather inconsistent for biking (snow, rain, etc.) to justify further clogging up traffic. A better investment is to improve the quality of mass transit such as restoring the F express train in Brooklyn and building newer trains with more seat, not more standing room only, to encourage less driving.

  11. @Kessington Resident
    Why do I get the feeling you are also Chandler? Stop it with the plastic bags, please, it’s on every article and we get it, you love plastic.

  12. Am late here, why not provide the bike lanes on the islands or adjacent to them. Putting the bike lanes next to sidewalk curbs still creates problems with truck deliveries, gas stations, doors opening from parked cars. Providing the bikes lanes in the middle of 4 Ave, from Pacific to 65 st, seems like a better solution. Also with proper landscaping in the middle of 4 avenue and bike lanes, the avenue will look 100 times better. Bikers will not have to deal with vehicles, and would only have to watch the traffic lights when exiting the bike lanes. Think the bike lanes above the island is better than next to the islands. This would leave the car lanes still accessible to cars and trucks.

  13. Deblasio has made the the city more congested and dangerous. I feel like we are constantly on top of each other. Something I didn’t feel growing up in park slope which was south Brooklyn when I was a teen. Time to leave. Too much stress.

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