TODAY: Boardwalk Hearing In Manhattan At Noon!

Source: blhphotography / Flickr

As reported on our sister site, Bensonhurst Bean, the much-anticipated and twice postponed public hearing that will render the final decision by the NYC Design Commission on whether we can keep our beloved wooden boardwalk, or whether we will get stuck with a synthetic plastic/concrete


un-boardwalk, is at high noon, 12:00 p.m. today, March 12, although you


show up by 11:15 a.m.

The meeting is going to be held at the NYC Design Commission, 253 Broadway (between Warren Street and Murray Street), Fifth Floor in Manhattan.

Go below the fold to read the full email we received from Rob Burstein, chairman of the Coney-Brighton Boardwalk Alliance.

Dear Boardwalk Friends,

The approval hearing at the Design Commission is finally happening this MONDAY, MARCH 12th! After delaying twice, the Parks Department has decided to present their Boardwalk proposal to the Design Commission for approval. If you care at all about the fate of the Boardwalk, this is the time to come!


Whether or not you wish to speak for the 3 minutes allowed each person, is up to you. What’s crucial is that we fill the room with our people, giving the message that this is not a desirable or acceptable plan, and that many people feel this way. Most of us are taking time off from work to be there, or otherwise making the necessary sacrifices to be in attendance. Bring your children if you need to. PLEASE COME, and encourage your friends to attend as well. It’s only if we each do what’s required to be there, and thus form a large group, that we stand any chance of stopping this. It really is up to you!

Here’s the info:

Date: Monday, March 12th

Time: 12pm (please note that we must arrive at least 45 minutes before the hearing, so this arrival time accounts for that)

Place: NYC Design Commission, 253 Broadway, Fifth Floor, New York, NY 10007 (right across the street from City Hall in Manhattan).

The R train to the City Hall stop. 253 is right across the street from where you exit. Be sure to bring valid, current ID.

If you plan to attend, please rsvp at so that we have a rough count of how many people will be there. Also, if you plan to come and would like to use your 3-minute time slot to read from our letters and research materials, let me know and we can email you a 3-minute segment to read. Even if you don’t feel comfortable speaking, please come and help us fill the room!

Many of us have worked really hard these last couple of years to try and prevent the destruction of our Boardwalk. If you really don’t want it turned into a concrete and plastic walkway — and I know I’m repeating here — WE NEED YOU THERE IN BODY AS WELL AS SPIRIT, SO PLEASE ATTEND!

I’m hoping we see all of you there!



To view our binder full of research materials, photos, and letters that we submitted to the Design Commission, go to the website that Christianna set up at