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coney-brighton boardwalk alliance

TODAY: Boardwalk Hearing In Manhattan At Noon!

Source: blhphotography / FlickrAs reported on our sister site [http://www.bensonhurstbean.com/2012/03/hearing-on-coney-boardwalk-next-monday-march-12/] , Bensonhurst Bean, the much-anticipated and twice postponed [/hearing-postponed-as-parks-continues-push-for-concrete-walk-in-coney-island/] public hearing that will render the final decision by the NYC Design Commission on whether we can keep our beloved wooden boardwalk, or whether we will get


Hearing Postponed, As Parks Continues Push For Concrete Walk In Coney Island

The January 30 hearing for the Parks Department’s plan on converting the Coney Island Boardwalk into concrete has been moved to February 21, says Amusing the Zillion [http://amusingthezillion.com/2012/01/20/jan-30-nyc-design-commission-to-meet-again-on-coney-island-concretewalk/] . “I just received an e-mail from the Parks Department’s liaison to the Design Commission