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New B44 May Speed Up Commuting For Riders But Increases Traffic

In a not so-scientific analysis, DNAinfo found [http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20140113/crown-heights/brooklyns-new-b44-express-bus-causes-traffic-nightmare-residents-say] that the new Select Bus Service B44 causes a massive amount of traffic whenever it comes tumbling along Nostrand Avenue. The new bus service began operations on November 17, 2013 [/the-b44-sbs-is-now-operational/], and in the time

Bus Rapid Transit

Our Mass Transit Future – Part 3: What Happened To Democracy?

MTA New York City Transit employees load subway cars onto flatbed trucks for transportation to the Rockaway Peninsula. Source: MTAPhotos / FlickrTHE COMMUTE [/tag/the-commute/]: In Part 1 [/our-mass-transit-future-part-1-what-is-wrong-with-select-bus-service/], I discussed the various Select Bus Service corridors presently in operation and how their success or lack thereof has not been adequately

Bus Rapid Transit

Silver Star Owner Blasts Nostrand SBS Service, Non-Existent Outreach

Source: Ariela B./YelpOur man Randy Rojas hit Nostrand Avenue to bring you yesterday’s story about local businesses outraged that the government failed to do any outreach [/dot-mta-fail-to-inform-local-businesses-about-major-traffic-changes-on-nostrand-avenue/] in the two years of planning for Select Bus Service on the commercial strip. Now another of Nostrand Avenue’s largest