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Mayoral Candidates Square Off On The Future Of Transportation – Part 3 Of 3

The mayoral candidates at last Friday’s debate. Photo by Allan RosenTHE COMMUTE [/tag/the-commute/]: In Part 1 [/mayoral-candidates-square-off-on-the-future-of-transportation-part-1-of-3/] of this series, I reported on the candidates’ positions regarding major transit issues. In Part 2 [/mayoral-candidates-square-off-on-the-future-of-transportation-part-2-of-3/], I addressed financial issues. Now we will discuss safety, and sum up. The first

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Five Borough Green Apple Taxi Cab Plan Sours

Image courtesy of the offices of Mayor Michael BloombergThe hotly-debated plan [/lew-fidler-joins-fight-to-stop-livery-cab-street-hail-plan-named-as-plaintiff-in-lawsuit-against-city/] to sell 18,000 permits for cabs and 2,000 new medallions for wheelchair-accessible cabs to service the five boroughs has crashed. Last Friday, a judge rejected [http://www.ny1.com/content/top_stories/167060/judge-rejects-five-borough-taxi-plan?utm_source=