Sushi Katsuei Is Now Open On 7th Avenue

Sushi Katsuei,

Sushi Katsuei, the new Japanese restaurant that moved into the former Casa Ventura space at 210 7th Avenue, quietly opened earlier this week. When we passed by today, it wasn’t open for the day yet, but it’s all set up for dining inside. And according to user famdoc who wrote a nice review on Chowhound, they had a soft opening on Monday, and when he dined on Wednesday, he chose and was very happy with the omakase option, which means you leave it to the chef to make your selections.

Sushi at Katsuei by brooklyn2greenport on Instagram

But can it do well in a neighborhood where there are already about a dozen sushi bars?

“I’m going to step out on a limb here and say that Katsuei, along with Geido, represents the best there is and recommend it very highly,” famdoc wrote in the review.

He notes the full menu is to come next week, and that they’re working on a liquor license. If you stop by this weekend, let us know how it was!

Bottom photo by brooklyn2greenport

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  1. My husband and i stopped by there last night during their ‘slow opening’ and have not been the same since.

    It was, hands down, the best sushi we’ve had outside of Japan (and perhaps even IN japan).


    We each ordered the omakase.
    Every piece was like it’s own special holiday or vacation.

    The depth of taste, texture and deliciousness was so perfect I wanted to savour every moment.

    Seriously, it was so delicious i can’t believe it.

    The staff are all Japanese and know what they’re doing. The service is wonderful and the whole experience is exceptional.

    And the food is even better than exceptional.

    I didn’t even want to eat breakfast this morning as I wanted the last taste to still be the divine creations of their sushi chef.

    We also had the snow pea salad which was impeccable. I kept wanting to distract my husband to look elsewhere so I could steal most of it. Fresh, crunchy, with so many tastes and textures… i could go on and on but i think you get the point.

    Everyone there was absolutely lovely. The food was of such superiour quality it is unlike anything available in the slope and beyond. Truly. To say the food was exceptional is an understatement. This place is a gem.

    If you’re looking for maki that’s mostly rice with a pinch of week old fish, go elsewhere. If you’re looking for some of the very best sushi and tastes in Brooklyn and beyond, run to Sushi Katsuei. It doesn’t get better than this.

  2. Great sushi served by Japanese sushi chefs and staff. This is not your average sushi place which is more like a Japanese diner. Menu is more refined and quality of food is well above the other places. Hope they thrive as Blue Ribbon is scaling down on the sushi front, and the better sushi places up by Flatbush ave are a bit of a trek for Central and South Slopers.

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