Finally All-Way Stop Sign On Albemarle Rd

Finally All-Way Stop Sign On Albemarle Rd
Photo: Liena Zagare

Thanks to the request by Prospect Park South Neighborhood Association, Albemarle Road finally has all-way stop signs at one intersection.

“In June the Department of Transportation determined that the corner of Argyle met criteria for signs in the west and east directions,” Community Board 14 told us, and a sign was installed shortly thereafter.

Albemarle Road has been a hot spot for accidents, with a hit-and-run taking place a mere eight months ago. Another horrific collision last year on Albemarle Road and Rugby Road drew 20 police, fire, and emergency vehicles in the area.

When we reported on the crashes last November, a witness at the time said that the lack of stop signs at every corner of Albemarle Road leads drivers to assume that they’re pulling into a four-way stop, which is how most of the intersections on Flatbush Malls are handled in the area.

Further south, on Glenwood Road, set up very similarly, all of the intersections are all-way stops:

Glenwood and Westminster, looking East, via Google maps.
Glenwood and East 17th, via Google maps.

Drivers routinely use Argyle and Stratford Roads that run parallel to Coney Island Avenue to bypass the busy truck route in the mornings and speed down Albemarle Road. With the addition of bike lanes on Argyle and Rugby roads, the new all-way stop sign is a welcome addition.

Additional reporting by Zainab Iqbal.


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