New Restaurants Coming Soon to Franklin Street

New Restaurants Coming Soon to Franklin Street

GREENPOINT – Normally a messy restaurant interior would drive customers away, but passers-by have been exited by seeing the clutter inside some Franklin Street storefronts: tools and workbenches, paint cans and drop cloths—all signs of the construction that suggests new restaurants coming soon.

At 208 Franklin, signage has gone up for Ramen Mafia, a restaurant with the tagline “Ramen You Can’t Refuse.” The spot was briefly occupied by the Greek eatery Mr. Souvlaki, whose logo still graces the glass windows.

Details are scarce, but an as-of-yet private Instagram page promises they’re “coming soon!!” Hopefully Greenpoint will soon have a ramen spot that’ll measure up to some of Brooklyn’s best.

Ramen Mafia, coming to Huron and Franklin Streets (Paul Stremple/BKLYNER)

A block down, at 280 Franklin, there’s movement behind the glass at the Brooklyn Label—which appears to be opening again under new management. The French breakfast and dinner slash cocktail bar has a beautiful brick location under the Astral Apartments begging for the right leadership.

The owners applied for a liquor license and have signs up that they’re hiring, so hopefully they’ll be open in short order.

The Brooklyn Label, oJava and Franklin, looks to be re-opening soon (Paul Stremple/BKLYNER)

Finally, a bit further down, the closed Mrs. Kims at 160 Franklin has paper up in the windows that suggests construction work, but little information other than that—no building permits or liquor license applications that might suggest an impending opening.

Mrs. Kim’s old storefront at 160 Franklin Street (Paul Stremple/BKLYNER)

Restaurants have come and gone on Franklin Street, which continues to move inexorably onwards and upwards, now housing boutique clothing stores and wine shops, high-end cocktail bars and the like. A few reasonably priced stalwarts remain, but it remains to be seen where on the spectrum these new places will fall—and how long they’ll last.

Got a favorite Franklin Street haunt? Is there a new restaurant you’re particularly excited about? Let us know in the comments!


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