Brooklyn Politicians React After Supreme Court Upholds Muslim Ban

Brooklyn Politicians React After Supreme Court Upholds Muslim Ban

In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that President Trump’s third travel ban—also referred to as the “Muslim ban”—is indeed lawful.

The ban restricts entries from Iran, North Korea, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and Venezuela. “The Proclamation is squarely within the scope of Presidential authority,” Chief Justice John Roberts wrote.

Many local politicians don’t agree with the ban, calling it racist and xenophobic:

“America was built on the promise of religious liberty – something the U.S. Supreme Court willfully chose to ignore today. We cannot ignore what this means for the country and how it will affect our neighbors,” Council Member Justin Brannan said. “I will continue doing everything I can to make sure everyone feels welcome here regardless of where they come from or what they believe.”

“I am proud to represent one of the largest and longest-standing Muslim communities in the nation and I will not stand by or sit silent as an endless stream of toxic and bigoted bile masquerading as policy spews from the halls of Washington,” Brannan continued.

District 39 Council Member Brad Lander had this to say: “Just shameful. These five Supreme Court justices cannot whitewash Trump’s Islamophobia. They are disgracing themselves, the Court, and (alas) our country.”

Council Member Laurie Cumbo of the 35th District tweeted that “we must remain DILIGENT in our efforts to protect and continue to advance the rights and livelihoods of those in our communities impacted by these issues.”

Congressman Hakeem Jeffries had this to say:

Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, on the ballot in today’s primaries, said the Supreme Court endorsed discrimination.

Her opponent, Adem Bunkeddeko, told Bklyner: “This is a travesty; a shameful and appalling surrender to bigotry that will go down in history as this court’s Dred Scott or Plessy v. Ferguson decision. This is why we need Congressmembers strong enough to stand up to Trump and defeat his racist agenda.”

District 37 Council Member Rafael Espinal Jr. had this to say via Twitter: “Very disappointed by the #SCOTUS decision on the #MuslimBan but we will keep fighting here in NYC and across the US to prevent discrimination against our Muslim community #NoMuslimBanEver.”

Council Member Mark Treyger said today is a “shameful day for our country.”

“The United States is a nation of immigrants, of refugees, and of the voiceless and powerless who come to our shores seeking asylum,” he told Bklyner. “That diversity and that willingness to help others has been and should continue to be our greatest strength.”

“The Supreme Court’s decision upholds hate, bigotry, and xenophobia – everything that is antithetical to what the United States should stand for. As a Jewish-American and as a New Yorker, I proudly stand with our Muslim community and vow to continue fighting for the inclusive America that I believe in.”

You can view the SCOTUS ruling document here.


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