Miss American Pie is a Treat

Miss American Pie is a Treat
Miss American Pie on 5th Avenue in Park Slope. Ellie Plass/Bklyner

Miss American Pie opened in Park Slope on Sunday, August 18th, and the second the door swings open you are enveloped in a huge wave of the buttery, sugary, doughy smell of freshly baked pies.

“It’s been going pretty well. The first day at the grand opening was really overwhelming, in a good way, because I had so much response from the neighborhood. It was more people than I could have imagined, the line stayed out the door for most of the day. I just really felt grateful and blessed by that. I sold out of everything I made, almost,” owner Lindsey Hill told Bklyner.

The interior and front counter. Ellie Plass /Bklyner

The shop is designed like an old-fashioned diner- the wood floors are painted black and white to look like checker tile, and the seats are black and red leather. It’s a big space, with kitchen towards the back and a lot of seating. When we visited, they weren’t playing any music (we think they should), but the friendly chatter of the employees and the steady trickle of customers wasn’t bad background noise. All of the people that came in while we were there were local to the neighborhood, and many were friends of Hill.

From Online To Brick And Mortar

The shop started as an online business three years ago, selling and delivering pies across the city. They outgrew the rented kitchen and now bake on-site with the goal of providing “unrivaled desserts and pastries, in a relaxed, fun-loving atmosphere”. That is how Hill pitched it in the Kickstarter in June of this year helping raise money for appliances and other things.  So far, things have been good.

Hill has big plans for the shop, including pie-making classes, ice cream socials, and something she calls a “pie-ce cream sundae”, with a slice of pie instead of a traditional banana. She hopes to collaborate with a Brooklyn ice cream maker soon.

Giving back is also in her business plan.

“I really want to do a quarterly meal for the homeless. I’m closed on Mondays, so maybe on a Monday every quarter, just free meals for people who aren’t able to eat for themselves and provide for themselves. I’d love to really be a part of the community and have community events,” Hill said.

The shop’s logo features Hill. Ellie Plass / Bklyner.

The Pies

“If I could make something that looked like that, I would feel my life had been well lived,” a fellow pie lover was overheard saying.

The signature pie. Ellie Plass / Bklyner.

“I’ve been running this pie business from a rented kitchen for three years, and my best seller by far has always been my signature pie, which has not changed since I opened the store,” Hill said. “My signature pie is apples, peaches, and blueberries, and it has an oat crumb topping and a lattice crust on top of that. So, every time I describe that to someone they’re like, ‘yup, that’s the one I want’. I’m actually making that right now since I’m selling out of it almost every day, even though I’m making, like, five pies a day of that one flavor.”

Something that really can’t be missed here, though, is the chili casserole. Eat it there, because you’ll want it served warm. It takes about seven minutes, but don’t worry. After this, life will be B.C. (before chili), and A.C. (after chili). The meat is spiced slightly sweetly, and crumbles into tiny pieces. It has a cornbread-like topper that’s half traditional, half corn pudding texture. We tried to take half of it home, but we ate it on the way.

The chili casserole comes out steaming. Ellie Plass, Bklyner.

Hill also has other things she wants to put on the menu, but just hasn’t been able to yet as she has been the only baker until now.

“I’m trying to get more savory items. I have a few savory items, and I think a lot of people are looking for savory items for lunch and stuff,” Hill said.

The other current savory options include a spinach and cheese quiche, and an upcoming chicken pot pie.

Hill makes sure to have a vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free option available. Lemon chiffon was a staff favorite, and the french silk, blueberry, and raspberry apple looked equally divine. Everything here is on the higher price end: a regular slice of pie will set you back $5.75, and the chili is nearly double that. It’s not a spot to go to every day, but it’s perfect for treating yourself. We think you deserve it.

Miss American Pie is located at 86 Fifth Avenue, between Prospect and St. Marks Places. They are open Tuesday-Thursday from 7:30 am-7:00 pm, Friday from 7:30 am-9:00 am, and weekends from 10:00 am-6:00 pm.