Mayor De Blasio and Governor Cuomo Respond to Port Authority Terror Attack


After this morning’s terror attack at the Port Authority terminal, both Mayor De Blasio and Governor Cuomo have responded to the events, addressing New Yorkers and updating them on the situation.

“The first news this morning was obviously very frightening and disturbing. When you hear about a bomb in the subway station, which is in many ways one of our worst nightmares, the reality turns out better than the initial expectation and fear,” said Governor Cuomo.

The governor said that injuries were minor and that the explosive was “an effectively low tech device.”

“This is New York. The reality is that we are a target by many who would like to make a statement against democracy, against freedom. We are the Statue of Liberty in our harbor. And that makes us an international target, we understand that,” said Cuomo. “The counter-reality is that this is New York, and we all pitch together, and we are a savvy people, and we keep our eyes open. And that’s what see something, say something is all about. And we have the best law enforcement on the globe. And we are all working together extraordinarily well.”

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Mayor De Blasio also addressed the media, speaking to the daily concerns of New Yorkers who commute throughout the city.

“Let’s be clear, as New Yorkers, our lives revolve around the subways. When we hear of an attack on the subway, it’s incredibly unsettling,” said Mayor De Blasio.

“Now the mission of the NYPD is to secure all major transit hubs and major sites in this city,” he continued. “So you will see expanded NYPD presence today all over the city. New Yorkers have come to understand when you see our specialized forces, when you see those long guns, and those highly trained officers, that’s something that should be reassuring to you. That means that the NYPD is on full alert and out in force and that means you are safe.”

The mayor praised the law enforcement officers and first responders, honoring their dedication and highlighting the resiliency of New York City—pulling together after tragic events, from September 11th to the Tribeca truck attack in October.

“The choice of New York is always for a reason,” said De Blasio. “Because we’re beacons to the world and we actually show that society of many faiths and many backgrounds can work, and we showed that democracy can work.”

Subway service has resumed on most lines. Anyone with information about the event is encouraged to call the Terror Hotline at 888-NYC-SAFE.

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