Lander To Demand “Real F Express” Service At MTA Meeting On Monday

PARK SLOPE – Council Member Brad Lander has launched a petition demanding that the MTA provide commuters with a “real F Express train” instead of cutting service in some areas of his district.

Express F train service will start running in September between the Church Avenue and Jay Street-MetroTech subway stations, the MTA announced last week.

“NYC Transit will introduce limited peak-direction, a.m. and p.m. rush hour express service on the F line between Church Av and Jay St-MetroTech, stopping at 7 Av, beginning in September 2019,” the announcement states. Two Manhattan-bound F trains will run express from Church Av between 7am and 7:30am and two Coney Island-bound F trains will run express from Jay St-MetroTech between 5pm and 5:40pm.

According to Lander and many commuters, the MTA has been running a “rogue F express” in recent months, passing by local subway stops without giving riders notice. The skipped F train stops include: Bergen St, Carroll St, Smith-9th Sts, 4th Ave-9th St, 15 St-Prospect Park, and Fort Hamilton Parkway.

“We would be delighted to see a real F express train, with no cuts to existing service – one that brings twice as much train service to all of our neighborhoods and actually meets the stated goal of accelerated service for southern Brooklyn,” the Council Members says in the petition.

“The MTA’s plan adds no new train service whatsoever. Instead, it simply eliminates some amount of service during rush hour at six local stations that already experience significant, and at times dangerous, overcrowding,” he added.

The Council Member is seeking public support as he calls on the MTA to provide “a REAL F express” that offers faster service for southern Brooklyn residents “WITHOUT cutting service for local stations.”

Lander will bring the petition to the MTA Transit Committee meeting on Monday, July 22, and asks those who will be affected by the F train changes to join him to voice their concerns. The meeting will take place at 2 Broadway, 20th Floor, in Manhattan. He recommends arriving at 9:45am.

In 2016, the MTA released results from a feasibility study and analysis of implementing F Express service during peak periods between Jay Street-MetroTech and Church Avenue in an effort to shorten commutes for residents of Southern Brooklyn.

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Pamela Wong

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  1. The proposed “limited F Express” is not well thought out. the F line has an existing express track that was utilized during recent upgrades on the line. When trains go rogue express, they are doing so because they are behind schedule and have to fulfill a certain amount of trips to the depot per contract. They are NOT going express for the riders. In order to have efficient express service, the transit system needs to open up and use the EXPRESS STATIONS that are currently not being utilized. 2 “express trains” each during the morning and evening rush hours do not an express service make. That’s take from Peter to pay for Paul. ALL passengers will suffer (not just the stops that are missed by Mr. Landers’ constituents). I’m an Avenue N station start. i’m on the train 630/640am to get to my Manhattan office by 8am. A better express service is warranted (it used to work well and I remember that) by the entire line, which i believe is the longest one in the system.

  2. I love a “rogue express!” I live at 7th Ave and I cannot wait to use this new term! ROGUE EXPRESSSS!! ########## =3

  3. Any F Express plan needs to include renovating the lower platform at Bergen St., where the express trains currently bypass. Bergen was built as an express stop and should be going forward.

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