How Will You Save Your Parking Spot?

How Will You Save Your Parking Spot?
e5th Street

Is someone itching to move into 190-192 E 5th Street? Or did they really want to protect their parking space?

Plans for this 6-unit residential establishment don’t include enclosed parking. When families move in, parking around E 5th Street will become more scarce. Yet, the owners of 190-192 E 5th Street will undoubtedly be able to find tenants.

Mayor Bloomberg recently announced NYC has a net population gain for the first time in 60 years. The report named Brooklyn as the most popular borough for new residents, though part of the 2.4% increase is due to births outpacing deaths.

The uptick of construction in Kensington and general population growth in Brooklyn support the New York Times argument that Kensington is one of the up-and-coming neighborhoods.

Do you think Kensington is the next Park Slope? Would you prefer Kensington to stay a sweet little secret? Let us know in the comments.