Garibaldi Park’s Public Bathrooms Are Open Again!

After weeks of closed bathrooms and people relieving themselves in the bushes (and benches), the Bensonhurst playground bathrooms are finally open as of Wednesday, June 7 at 8am. Can we get a hurray?

Photo: Carmen Molina

According to a neighbor, Carmen Molina, there were Emergency trucks situated outside the park last night, and this morning brought the welcome news.

Photo: Carmen Molina

On June 2 we asked the Parks Department to comment on the closed bathrooms: “Due to an electrical outage at this location, the comfort station is closed.”

The lack of public restrooms left people no choice but to use other means to relieve themselves.

And resulted in just about every business across the playground putting up signs like this:

But of course, there’s no need for that now as the public bathrooms are finally available and ready to be used!

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Zainab Iqbal

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