Five Hot Chocolate Spots in North Brooklyn

Five Hot Chocolate Spots in North Brooklyn

The weather is finally proper cold, the lights are up in the participating business districts, and it’s dark before you’ve even left work—it’s officially hot chocolate season.

With weather like this, feel free to grant yourself some indulgences and get a hot, sweet cuppa chocolate to pick yourself up when you’re feeling less than the requisite holiday cheer. Here are a few spots in North Brooklyn worth checking out:

Davey’s Ice Cream
201 Bedford Avenue, 74 Meserole Avenue

We know, we know—no one is screaming for ice cream when it’s cold outside. But Davey’s has hot chocolate on deck, available in both cups and shots in case you need a less-indulgent brace against the chill.

Toby’s Estate
125 North 6th Street

Toby’s Estate in Williamsburg is really putting the “hot” in hot chocolate—one of their new seasonal drinks is a spicy drinking chocolate with a honey-chili syrup infused into their chocolate sauce!

Cacao Market
67 Guernsey Street

With what’s possibly the richest drinking chocolate around, Cacao Market by Mariebelle uses imported Honduran cacao to craft their contribution to the world of hot chocolate. The chocolatier’s shop slings a spicy version of their drink as well!

Café Grumpy
193 Meserole Avenue

Grumpy will manage to put a smile on your face as they serve up excellent hot chocolate with a classic latté art flair. Their location in Greenpoint is a great place to warm up and work in the cold, but fills up quick—a testament to either the wifi or the drinks, but it’s probably the latter!

Mast Brothers
111 North 3rd Street

It’s the ur-hipster chocolate shop, well loved and often lampooned, but you’ve got to admit, they do know their chocolate. If you aren’t splurging on expensive chocolate bars with minimalist packaging, check out their light, nearly effervescent cocoa, steamed up and eminently sippable.


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