COVID-19 Numbers And Other News

COVID-19 Numbers And Other News

Brooklyn lost 12 residents to COVID-19 yesterday, one of the highest numbers of the current wave. Citywide, we passed 25,000 deaths from the virus this year so far.

The 7-day average percentage of positive test results reported over the last three days by NYS is as follows:

Of the 23,317 people tested, 1,335 were positive in Brooklyn, or 5.7%. You can take a closer look at the state’s data here and the city’s data here. Citywide rate by its own 7-day averages is 7.45%.

Today’s data:

Mayor did hold a press conference today, you can listen to it here.

He was asked about the preference for vaccines going to the neighborhoods that were hardest hit in the spring over those hit hard right now. This is what he said:

“The vaccine distribution, what we said about that I think has been pretty clear. I actually think most people get it quite clearly. The priorities are the ones starting with the federal standards and the State-specific guidance that we focus on people across the board in greatest need, the frontline health care workers, the folks in nursing homes, and we build out from there across all communities.

“We’ve had to be really clear about the fact that the vaccine will not be distributed based on wealth or privilege, that is going to go where the problem has been greatest just as much any place else and we’re going to make it a priority to make sure there is that fairness. And that’s why we focus on the 27 neighborhoods that have borne the brunt of COVID. That’s just a matter of fairness. It’s not to exclude anyone, we’re going to be rapidly providing vaccine in all neighborhoods. It’s to make sure the places that bore the brunt absolutely get their fair share and get the priority they deserve. So I don’t get the sense, certainly with working with a lot of community members and leaders, that people are missing that concept. We want everyone to get vaccinated. We just want to make sure the neighborhoods that bore the brunt get their fair share and that’s why we prioritize them.”


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