Celeb Blogger Being “Compensated” For Living At 300 Ashland

Celeb Blogger Being “Compensated” For Living At 300 Ashland

With all the towers rising in Downtown Brooklyn causing a surplus in the number of luxury rental units available, developers and landlords are being forced to find creative ways to find new tenants.

Along with offering two months free rent and waiving broker’s fees for new leasees, Two Trees Management is forging “partnerships” with celebrities and social media influencers to hype and advertise its new 300 Ashland building. The new 35-story, 379-unit luxury residence is located in Fort Greene, in the heart of the the Brooklyn Cultural District.

Tavi Gevinson, a popular, 20-year-old, magazine editor/writer/fashion blogger/actress, recently moved in to an apartment at 300 Ashland and started posting pics of her new digs to her 540,000 followers on Instagram.

Including the hashtag #300AshlandPartner in her social media posts raised the well-groomed eyebrow of a writer at New York Magazine‘s The Cut, who investigated the story and found that Gevinson is indeed living at the building and paying rent, however Two Trees is also compensating her for “#sponcon”—sponsored content posts.


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Along with the Instagram posts, the partnership deal also entails Gevinson hosting private events for her new neighbors at 300 Ashland, a Two Trees representative revealed.

“Our influencers will continue to create the same great content while enjoying their new homes and neighborhoods, and will be hosting special experiences open to our residents. We think it’s an exciting addition to our marketing efforts and a terrific amenity for tenants,” the rep states in the article.

Two Trees says Gevinson is not the only influencer they’ve partnered with—additional celebrities will be following suit soon.

Which star will move into 300 Ashland next? And will this mean a constant paparazzi presence in front of the building?


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