Briefing 6/4: Pest Control Sanitizing Ambulances, Drive-Thru Graduations & More

Briefing 6/4: Pest Control Sanitizing Ambulances, Drive-Thru Graduations & More
Photo: Zainab Iqbal/Bklyner

It’s Thursday! The weather is wonderful outside for a walk or a suntan. Just remember to wear a mask and stay safe. Here are some new numbers as of this afternoon:

  • There were 513 new positive confirmed coronavirus cases in NYC, compared to the 683 cases from yesterday. There were 59 new confirmed coronavirus-related deaths in the City, compared to the 41 deaths from yesterday.
  • Curfew is still in effect from 8:00 pm to 5:00 am. Only essential workers allowed out and about between those hours. Curfew is in effect till Sunday.
  • “Liberty Pest Control sanitized the entire fleet of response vehicles for Bravo Volunteer Ambulance service this week for free,” NY1 reported.
  • “ Inc has been sued for allegedly fostering the spread of the coronavirus by mandating unsafe working conditions, causing at least one employee to contract COVID-19, bring it home, and see her cousin die [in Brooklyn],” Reuters reported.
  • “Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers will be asked to disclose personal information this month as part of the city’s herculean Covid-19 tracing effort — but suspicions over how the government will use that information are threatening the city’s best chance to crawl out of its coronavirus lockdown,” Politico reported.
  • There may be a resurgence of coronavirus cases from these protests, the Daily News reported.
  • “Gov. Cuomo gave the green light to drive-in and drive-thru graduations Thursday in a bid to let students celebrate their academic accomplishments amid the coronavirus crisis,” the Daily News reported.
  • The MTA wants a dedicated bus lane along Flatbush Avenue. Will the city oblige?
  • What if… the Barclays Center Had Been the Jackie Robinson Arena?
  • Two officers were shot, one was stabbed, and the suspect was also shot in an “unprovoked attack” last night in Flatbush, we reported.


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