Bay Ridge Democratic District Leader Seat Opens Up


BAY RIDGE – Bklyner has learned that Democratic District Leader Kevin Peter Carroll will not seek re-election, possibly clearing the way for a hotly contested race which could include a formal rival hoping to regain his post.

The 31-year-old Bay Ridgite won the committee seat in the 64th Assembly district in 2010, beating out an incumbent who previously held the position for 18 years. Nearly five months before the 2018 election, Carroll says his reasons for not pursuing a fifth term are personal.

“Following the loss of my mother, my life was shaken up and I realized I needed some time to focus on myself,” said Carroll. “I think the voters in Bay Ridge deserve a candidate who will put 110% of themselves into a campaign and the work required afterwards and, right now.”

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The district leader went on to say that although he is no longer pursuing the seat he was thrilled with the amount of support he received asking him to run again.

Carroll’s declaration to retire this September will likely draw a number of candidates, including Ralph Perfetto, the committee member who lost to Carroll eight years ago.

“I’m very interested in running,” Perfetto told Bklyner yesterday evening via telephone.

The 83-year-old resurfaced in the Bay Ridge political scene after Councilmember Justin Brannan appointed Perfetto to his 36-member transition team. While the long-time resident may be interested in reoccupying his old seat, he will first have to get past the stigma attached to his 2011 conviction for impersonating an attorney.

As of yesterday, Perfetto denied having any support from local officials or political clubs.

Chris McCreight, president of the Bay Ridge Democrats political club, of which Brannan is a co-founder, said they would be deciding on candidates they plan to back within the coming weeks.

“The Bay Ridge Democrats will be endorsing a full slate of candidates for state offices at our next meeting on May 10,” said McCreight.

But Perfetto may not be the only person looking to secure the district leader seat. Lawmakers of nearby and abutting districts could decide to back their own candidates who live in the district. Because the 2020 Census drive marks the end of a decade-long redistricting pause, lawmakers, especially in Southern Brooklyn, could find their political cohorts ripped apart. As state legislatures redraw districts, the bustling population growth in Sunset Park and Bensonhurst could play a big part in political outcomes for Bay Ridge.

As for Carroll, the sitting district leader will continue as male member of the State Committee, serving along side Joanne Seminara, the female district leader, through the remainder of his term, which ends on Sept. 13.

“You haven’t seen the last of Kevin Peter Carroll!” ended Carroll.

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