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Cab Passenger Struck In Head During Shooting Last Week Dies

Utica Avenue and Avenue M. Source: Google Maps

After a brutal attempted robbery and shooting last week in Marine Park and Mill Basin, 23-year-old gunshot victim Nikita Grebelsky was pronounced dead after being taken off of life support.

Michael Magnan, who stands accused of the crimes, was denied bail. The 19-year-old faces charges of assault, attempted robbery, and weapons possession, and an attempted murder charge will most likley be bumped up to murder.

According to the police, and the livery cab river who was unharmed in the attack, Magnan came up to the cab brandishing a gun. He attempted to rob the driver, who hit the gas and tried to speed off. Magnan then fired and hit the backseat passenger in the head.

Grebelsky’s sister, Elizabeth Filatova, was also reported to have been in the car. She was unharmed in the shooting.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has since denied that Magnan was also responsible for four nearby shootings.

“There were two different types of ammunition found at the shootings,” Kelly said. “They don’t match up with the individual’s weapon.”

Magnan, who has a lengthy criminal record, has been arrested eight times in the past for charges of attempted murder, weapons possession, drug possession, possession of stolen property, bail jumping, and failure to pay bus fare.

He was reportedly partying at a cousin’s wedding in Woodbury, NY only 75 minutes before he allegedly shot Grebelskiy in the head.

Update (1:31 p.m.): A photo of the correct location has been added.

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  1. The photo is of the wrong location — htat photo is taken at Avenue M/Flatlands Ave off Flatbush and is a good 3/4 mile or so from the shooting location.

  2. 8 times huh……….

    Soooo is that what cops do now? they let criminals walk. 

    i blame the Cops on that one, if he was never free’d from jail in the first place none of this would have happened. 

  3. Cops have no control over whether a person is released from prison. Once they are charged, it is in the hands of the courts.

  4. So your telling me it’s ok for the cops to come up with some crazy story about some guy who tried to run them over (recent events) and put the dude away for a looooong time?  i’m sure the cops could easily make up a story of how this dude tried to run them over and get sent for 20 more years added to the murder charge.

  5. 1) I never said it was OK for cops to do anything. I just corrected you.

    2) I don’t know what recent events you are talking about.

    3) The cops can make up whatever they want. It’s not up to them to convict, sentence or release criminals. That is all up to the courts. The only thing the cops control is who gets arrested and who gets charged. After being charged, it moves to the court system. You’re just blaming the cops to fuel a nonsensical hatred of the police.

  6. I guess your right.

    I still think this dude deserves to be put away much longer then what he gets.

    Also i was talking about the poor guy who calmly drove into his parking spot and the cops arrested him and brought him in saying he tried to run them over. (good thing he had a cctv)

  7. I don’t understand why people with such long records get back on the streets, especially if he racked them all up while so young.

    Oh yeah, that guy. That cop was just an idiot. You get a few bad eggs when you recruit from the general public. Some people join just to get access to a gun or be a power hungry douche.

  8. Blame the judges, not the cops. The  cops are always complaining about letting these thugs out. They don’t want to get killed any more than the rest of us.

  9. It’s just got to stop, letting these dangerous repeat offenders out. Haven’t we had enough of this? If you’re gonna let out criminals, at least let out the non-violent ones.

  10. There should be a police on every two blocks in “nigroville”, and that wetback needs to be sentenced for life, so that other lowlifes think before do anything like that.


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