Woman Crushed By Car In Tragic Accident

Photo of Cho, 40, killed in a car accident on Sunday (Courtesy of 1010 Wins)

A 40-year-old woman was killed on Sunday when a car reversed too quickly and slammed into her and four others.

The black 2010 Mercedes SUV was driven by a elderly parishioner (reports of his age vary between 62 and 73 years old) of Pyeong AHN Presbyterian Church (2407 McDonald Avenue). He was pulling out of a parking space around 3 p.m. when he accelerated too quickly and plowed into four other parishioners – three women, a 10-year-old and an infant.

Forty-year-old Sung Won Cho died of her injuries at the scene, while the other four received only minor injuries.

No charges were brought against the driver, and no alcohol or drug use is suspected.

[via Daily News, 1010 Wins, and Fox 5]