Woman Charged With Stabbing Gay Man After Attempting To Turn Him Straight

Source: Matěj Baťha via Wikimedia Commons

A woman attempted to sexually assault a gay man in Midwood last Tuesday, leading to her arrest – and a knife-wound in her victim.

Cynthia Olivei, 52, knocked on the door of the 56-year-old man’s East 14th Street home, and barged in when he opened it.

“I’m going to rock you tonight. I know you’re gay,” she declared to the horrified man.

She then grabbed his genitals. He managed to push her off of him and attempted to throw her out of his home. She pulled out a knife and stabbed him.

Law enforcement tracked her down and charged with assault, menacing, harassment, forcible touching, trespass and weapon possession, according to the New York Post.

The man required 36 stitches to close his wound.