Why We Need President Obama’s Fly-Catching Ability

frog catching a fly

Why we all need to be just like Barack Obama for yet another reason: The man’s got some reflex! He’s able to hit and kill a moving fly as if his hand’s a frog’s tongue.

This particular move would have come in handy for me, recently when I visited Che — oops, no names — a certain new pre-prepared food/grocery store at 1901 Emmons Avenue to have lunch. There were so many flies hanging around that my friend and I got turned off and went to Del Mar, instead.

The doors were all open and it was a nice day out, but the flies seemed to like the food inside better than the junk food dog owners so nicely leave out on the streets for the flying guests.

It’s true that most of the pre-made food is displayed in the refrigerated glass cases — but, still, flies don’t seem to fit into the decor.

With all the controversy surrounding the place, management must have kept all the doors open to clear up any confusion for customers about whether or not they were open for business.

The goal here is not to ruin anyone’s ability to make millions. But, really, these guys are professionals, have built at least one other successful store, and know how to make it in business. The owners are tough enough to fight the city. Why not the flies?

So, like I mentioned a few months ago to the Ocean Avenue Bagel store: why not try some “Air Curtains & Air Doors”?

In the meantime, I’ll keep watching that video of Obama annihilating the fly. Maybe, I’ll catch some of his skill. Otherwise, I won’t be able to do the food review I know you’re all looking forward to reading.

If the store has since installed the air curtains, please let me know. I’d like to come out of this exile to try some stuffed cabbage.

(Image courtesy of Animation Library)