Who’s Buying Quail Eggs at C-Town?

Who’s Buying Quail Eggs at C-Town?

That’s an absolutely sincere question. This photo shows the wee quail eggs in a case with a mirror, but they had a lot in stock in another section as well. Is there some quail egg trend that we haven’t noticed? Are the shoppers at the C-Town on Coney Island Ave just really into bitty eggs? Or did the store just get a great deal and they decided to chance it?

I’m not even sure there’s a single restaurant in the area that serves them. Can anyone think of a dish you’ve had in the neighborhood recently that had quail eggs?

If you’re game, here are some recipes to practice on the dozens of quail eggs you can grab on CIA:

 Quail egg ice cream

 Pink pickled quail eggs

 Curry Laksa


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