Where To Watch The Oscars

Where To Watch The Oscars
Fake Oscars by albyantoniazzi on Flickr

The 86th Academy Awards show is coming up this Sunday, March 2 at 7pm, and if you’re looking for a place in the neighborhood to watch it (and cheer on our local nominees!), you’re in luck, because there are a few spots not only showing the ceremony, but running specials, taking your best ballot guesses, and more. Here’s where to watch:

  • Aperitivo (279 5th Avenue) will be handing out prizes for the most correct picks on the awards ballot, but if you’re terrible at guessing, you can drown your sorrows in a drink, since they’re running happy hour all night.
  • Ginger’s Bar (363 5th Avenue) promises “good vibes, prizes, giveaways,” and drink specials and complimentary finger foods throughout the broadcast. Also: bingo!
  • Mary’s Bar (708 5th Avenue) will give a $50 bar tab and a bottle of Champagne to the movie buff who picks the most correct winners on the ballot — just be sure to hand yours in prior to the show on Sunday evening.

Know of anyplace else in the area that’ll be showing the event? Let us know where in the comments!

Photo by albyantoniazzi


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