Where to Buy Flowers in Ditmas Park

Roses at Sycamore

With Valentine’s Day on Thursday, we thought you might like to know where you can pick up a bouquet of flowers in the neighborhood. We have a couple of florists and a few bodegas that have flowers year-round, but there are also some locations that sell flowers only around certain holidays.

Baby Fig Cuttings by Flatbush Fig Farm

Stems at Sycamore
1118 Cortelyou Road, 347-240-5850
Sycamore’s flower shop reopens today as Stems. One special item you can pick up this week for your Valentine are fig cuttings ($20 each) from the Flatbush Fig Farm (whose operation is pictured above). The cuttings, if kept in fresh water, will grow roots and can be planted in a pot or outdoors in early spring, and your loved one should have edible figs by the end of the second season. 100% of the purchase price of the first 10 cuttings sold will be donated to the Flatbush Community Garden. The three local boys working on the business hope to earn enough this year from the figs to buy the Lego Death Star.

Superior Deli Flowers

Superior Deli
1402 Cortelyou Rd at Rugby Rd
Fresh flowers at affordable prices, and at any time you need them — the stand on the Rugby Road side of this deli is open 24 hours. Come Valentine’s Day, they will have flowers lining the side of the road to meet the local demand.

Asian Grocery

Asian Grocery
1510 Cortelyou Road, next to the subway
They regularly have a small selection of bouquets throughout the year, but tend to have more options available around holidays.

Foster's Flowers

Foster’s Flowers
1203 Foster Ave, 718-859-2222
In addition to bouquets, they have some potted plants and stuffed animals, and they offer delivery (but not over the phone).

Plaza Grocery

Plaza Grocery
37 Newkirk Plaza
You can pick up some chocolates and stuffed animals along with the affordable bouquets and a few small potted plants.

Kim's Market

Kim’s Market
1521 Newkirk Ave, near E 16th St
You might not be able to tell from a glance of the outside, but Kim’s has a nice selection of bouquets once you head inside — not as many choices as nearby Plaza Grocery, but a good option.

Deli Food Center Flowers

Deli Food Center
79 E 18th St at Church Ave
The flowers set up for sale on the Church Ave side of the shop are consistently a nice selection, and an affordable option.

Flowers at Deli & Grocery at Church and Ocean Aves

Deli & Grocery
1932 Church Ave at Ocean Ave
Sometimes they have flowers and plants set up for sale outside, sometimes they don’t, but you can bet they will for Valentine’s Day.

Flowers at Junior's Barber Shop

Junior’s Barber Shop
1617 Cortelyou Road, between E 16th and E 17th Sts
They used to have flowers set up for sale outside of the shop more often, but we haven’t seen them much lately. If they come back for anything, it will be the upcoming holidays.

Flowers for Sale at Newkirk Plaza

Newkirk Plaza Cart
Newkirk Plaza at Foster Ave
Every once in a while, usually in the days leading up to a flower-heavy holiday, someone will show up near Newkirk Plaza with a cart of inexpensive bouquets.

ALSO: We’ve often spotted bouquets and/or potted flowers around the holidays at Downtown Natural Market (1701 Church Ave), Duane Reade (1517 Cortelyou Road), and Key Food (1407 Foster Ave). Notice them anyplace else?


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