Westminster For-Profit Clothing Donation Bin Causing A Mess

Westminster For-Profit Clothing Donation Bin Causing A Mess
viltex clothing donation bin 643 westminster and foster

It seems like neighbors are pretty eager to use that new for-profit clothing donation bin on Westminster and Foster, judging by the scene we caught today. It’s nice that folks want to donate (even if the the inadequate “for-profit” markings on these bins means they don’t realize to whom they’re donating), but the previously-pointed out overall lack of bins must make it less than attractive for bag-luggers to carry their stuff to a proper place instead of just leaving it on the street.

Between the shady labels and the lack of space as compared to the amount of stuff being donated, it seems pretty obvious that we could use more viable donation options around Ditmas Park. Has anyone checked out the re-fashioNYC program, where you can apply for a free donation bin in your apartment building or business?

In addition to re-fashioNYC, here are some alternatives neighbors have suggested:

A representative for Viltex told us donations are scheduled to be picked up tomorrow. If you have any questions about an overflowing bin, call 1-877-5VILTEX (1-877-584-5839).


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