Weiner Explains Health Care Vote

Increased coverage, a decreased financial onus for New York State, and protecting those with pre-existing conditions are on the list of reasons Congressman Anthony Weiner says he gave a thumbs up to the historic bill. In a Courier-Life op-ed, the outspoken House Democrat explains the advantages of the bill in our district, for the state, and the country at large. He writes:

In my Congressional district alone, the bill will improve coverage for 424,000 residents. It will provide tax credits and other assistance to up to 144,000 families and 11,800 small businesses to help them pay for coverage. It will close the donut hole for 108,000 Medicare beneficiaries, and extend coverage to 24,500 uninsured Brooklyn and Queens residents. Furthermore, the bill will help my district by allowing 8,000 people with pre-existing conditions to obtain coverage, allowing 45,000 young New Yorkers to get health insurance through their parents’ plans, and reducing the cost of uncompensated care for health providers by $27 million a year.
The bill also lessens the financial burden of Medicaid on New York State and New York City. New York took a moral stand to cover more of our uninsured neighbors, family and friends through the Medicaid program. Now the city and State can expect to see billions in savings by an increased federal share for these and other residents who will be provided coverage through Medicaid.
Opponents of the bill will continue to spin this historic legislation as a terrible loss for the country, but this will ultimately prove to be a losing battle. There has been a lot of careless rhetoric and misinformation in this debate — from both sides of the aisle — but that doesn’t change one indisputable fact.
This bill isn’t a win for President Obama or a win for Democrats. It’s a win for New York, and a win for the American people.


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