We Haven’t Forgotten About You, Anthony Weiner

The final post, dated May 30, on Anthony Weiner's Facebook page.

While Anthony Weiner’s political career is on hold, and candidates wait to fill his shoes, the never-ending stream of comments on the former congressman for the 9th Congressional District’s Facebook page live on… nearly three months since the hapless pol announced his resignation, June 16, after he mis-tweeted an image of his boxer-clad bulge.

The last post on the normally social media-friendly Weiner’s Facebook page — dating back to May 30, three days before he ignited the steamy scandal — features a link to a New Yorker story entitled “Romney’s Dilemma,” with Weiner commenting that Romney is “[d]efinitely the best GOP candidate. Gonna love the Mitt vs. Mitt debates in Iowa,” an anti-climactic Facebook swan song, considering the magnitude of the uproar he created.

After the media’s relentless scrutiny over NC-17-rated tweets became more intense, and colleagues in his own party began pressuring him to step down, the beleaguered congressman ceased updating his Facebook and Twitter accounts, and ultimately announced his resignation at the Council Center For Senior Citizens, 1001 Quentin Road.

With voters heading to the polls today for the special election to decide the new representative for the 9th Congressional District, Facebookers continue to leave comments on the Mitt Romney post, both in support of and against Weiner. As of today, there are more than 35,020 comments, and the number keeps rising.

With comments representing practically every opinion in the vast and murky political spectrum, ranging from taunting and cruel, to erudite, respectful, and witty, one thing is clear about Anthony Weiner’s active Facebook page — it is no holds barred.

Here is a sampling of some gems from recent days:

  • “Anyone else think its [sic] funny that a Republican is leading in the polls to replace to Weiner?” – Facebook user “George Ford (Papa Georgio)”
  • “You TeaTard TROLL fools are STILL pretending POUT-RAGE over Anthony Weiner (consenting texts btwn adults isn’t a crime!) Yet you keep turning a blind eye to your own corrupt GOP – Look at the FLAMING EMBARRASSMENT in your ranks!” – Facebook user “Elisa Vote Dem Velez”
  • “I can’t begin to tell you how much I miss you Anthony. PLEASE – get back in the game. We’ve never needed you more!” – Facebook user “Anne Johnson Mahon”
  • “Expect Jewish Riots in the 9th Congressional District of New York”– Facebook user “Nick Contompasis,” linking to his blog.

But, with all the sparring in the impromptu forum, with verbal sucker-punching that makes Rachel Maddow sound like Holly Hobby, perhaps the most understated clarity came from commenter Gloria Banta, who argued that Weiner “…was very effective at representing his people, and that’s what they are elected for. I would not argue any less for a Pub in the same situation. Some things are nobody’s business!”

Regardless, we have to wonder how Weiner would’ve fared in this election. Love ‘im or hate ‘im, his popularity — as illustrated by how incomparably engaged constituents are with his “brand,” if you will — clearly surpasses any of the alternatives. What do you think?