Waterfront Plan Presented at CB Meeting Tonight

Community Board 15 is featuring a speaker tonight from the Department of City Planning to give a presentation on the “Comprehensive Waterfront Plan.” Originally published in 1992, the waterfront plan is a framework for the citywide reclamation of the waterfront, guiding land use decisions along New York City’s shoreline for the last 18 years. Now, as part of the city’s new Vision 2020 effort, the plan is being revisited to provide new opportunities for waterfront improvement. [Read more about the Comprehensive Waterfront Plan and Vision 2020]

The Community Board will also have a public hearing on an enlargement to a Norfolk Street home in Manhattan Beach.

When: March 23 @ 7 p.m.
Where: Kingsborough Community College; 2001 Oriental Boulevard; Faculty Dining Room
Contact: (718) 332-3008