Watch This Adorable Couple Get Hitched On The N Train

Watch This Adorable Couple Get Hitched On The N Train
Source: YouTube/UCjdyJeKGdSFhKUno6BETjdA
Source: YouTube/UCjdyJeKGdSFhKUno6BETjdA

It’s the sweetest thing to happen on the N line since sibling kitties Posey and Parker were rescued from the Bay Parkway station.

A couple boarded the N train in Southwest Brooklyn Friday – accompanied by just a handful of friends, family, and the New York Daily News – and got married 30 minutes later as they crossed the Manhattan Bridge into the city.

Game designer Hector Irakliotis, 26, entered the train at the Kings Highway station in Gravesend at 3:30pm and as his groomsmen began decorating the car with ribbons, he announced, “I am going to get married on this train car in 20 minutes.”

Requesting that passengers move to the rear of the car, Irakliotis handed out roses and made light of the fact that it was the biggest shopping day of the year.

“You might be asking yourself what kind of imbecile not only plans to hold his wedding on a train car, but does it on Black Friday,” said Irakliotis. “To which I would respond, yes, I am an imbecile, but she seems to love me anyway, so I’m going to try to lock her in now, while I can.”

As promised, Tatyana Sandler, 25, a film editor, boarded the train car at 36th Street in Sunset Park with her maid of honor. At around 4pm, Captain Arnold, officiant of unconventional weddings, declared the couple husband and wife, followed by applause and cheers from fellow commuters.

Check out the video:

Why get married on the N train? Irakliotis told the News:

“We’ve been through a lot. Good times, bad times, and a lot of the good times have taken place on the train,” Irakliotis said. “Confessions of love, reconciliations, goofy, ridiculous conversations — the whole spectrum. In New York, you spend so much time on the train, we thought why not?”

Sandler echoed her husband’s sentiments.

“I’m originally from Ukraine, and each time we’d come back here, I’d say to Hector, ‘It doesn’t feel like home until I see the skyline as we’re crossing the bridge.’ And he remembered that. He planned it out specifically so that we’d see the skyline as we were married,” she told the news.

Congrats to the lovely couple!


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