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Authorities Bust Vitaly Borker, Local Cyber Thug


Ah, the world is back in order. Bad business is, once again, bad for business.

Authorities arrested Vitaly Borker in his Beaumont Street home in Manhattan Beach yesterday morning. The online retailer became notorious after boasting to the New York Times about threatening and intimidating customers – not to mention selling them phony goods – with a theory that negative reviews would increase his Google ranking. The story even spurred the All Mighty Google into action, creating quick fixes to its algorithms to make merchants like Borker less successful.

But then a slew of lawmen got involved, and they sure aren’t taking it easy on Borker:

The merchant, Vitaly Borker, 34, who operates a Web site called, was charged with one count each of mail fraud, wire fraud, making interstate threats and cyberstalking. The mail fraud and wire fraud charges each carry a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. The stalking and interstate threats charges carry a maximum sentence of five years.

He was arrested early Monday by agents of the United States Postal Inspection Service. In an arraignment in the late afternoon in United States District Court in Lower Manhattan, Judge Michael H. Dolinger denied Mr. Borker’s request for bail, stating that the defendant was either “verging on psychotic” or had “an explosive personality.” Mr. Borker will be detained until a preliminary hearing, scheduled for Dec. 20.

… He has already been charged with aggravated harassment and stalking by local authorities and is scheduled to be arraigned on those charges on Dec. 22. The state attorney general’s office is conducting its own investigation and could bring additional state charges.

But federal law enforcement seemed eager to partake as well. In a statement released Monday, Preet Bharara, United States attorney for the Southern District of New York, said, “Vitaly Borker, an alleged cyberbully and fraudster, cheated his customers, and when they complained, tried to intimidate them with obscenity and threats of serious violence.”

At the arraignment, an assistant United States attorney, E. Danya Perry, argued against bail by claiming that Mr. Borker was both a flight risk and a risk to the community. She said that postal inspectors had carted off boxes of apparently counterfeit eyeglasses after searching Mr. Borker’s home and had also found a handful of guns, including a semiautomatic machine gun.

… A far more subdued version of Mr. Borker appeared in court on Monday afternoon. Dressed in jeans and a button-down shirt, he said little. When he was led away by court officers, he turned to look at his wife, who was sitting in the courtroom. He appeared grief stricken and on the verge of tears.

“Sorry,” he whispered to her, as he was escorted through a side door.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why it pays not to be an asshole.

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  1. Wish I could feel sorry for the guy… but nope. He deserves it! Yeah he’s got a wife and kid, but the wife knew about his activities and was okay with it, so fuck it. Don’t care. Only victim here are his victims/customers and his kid.

  2. Some people don’t deserve pity. This man is pure evil.

    I hope that the government seizes all his assets and takes custody of his kid. For who know, maybe Mrs. Scamster has some ideas of her own. Let’s not lead her into temptation.

  3. I dont know this guy and dont really care about what happens but you saying hes pure evil and should have his kid taken away is a little much. There are murderers and rapist that get bail and only do a few years in jail this guy told some women to go fuck herself and sold fake glasses. He should pay for what he did but there are a lot of bad people that get far less attention and punishment. This is a headline for the cops and pols. If this putz didnt say all he did in the paper it would have taken a while longer before they did anything to him.

  4. Yikes. I don’t know – I think that’s a harsh condemnation. The guy was a menace, to be sure – but we don’t know anything about his wife and kid. And even the penalties hitting him – a potential 50+ years in prison – are a little harsh. He did not physically harm anyone and his operation was relatively minor.

    I can’t believe I’m defending this guy. But I think society is better served by this guy getting years of community service and counseling/therapy. There should also be limits on the kind of businesses he can be involved in in the future. But sticking him in prison at a cost to the taxpayer of $60k a year for essentially non-violent crimes is quite extreme. More so if you start talking about the state taking custody of his kid. Let’s have a little perspective, no?

  5. Rapists don’t get the sentencing they deserve. Neither do so many murderers. Perhaps we need a system that fairly judges and imposes serious penalties.

    Granted, this one got stupid and desired more attention than was safe for him. But he also was taking all sorts of precautions in the event one operation got shut down.

    Arrests and convictions can serve as a deterrent. They are most effective in this regard if they used in scenarios where the crime involves a significant amount of planning.

  6. This guy wasn’t a Bernie Madoff, who believed that he could keep a pyramid scheme going indefinitely. Look at the anger directed towards him. While Borker’s activities didn’t create such a widespread economic ripple it was far more cynical and purely criminal in its intent.

    These guys just keep repeating themselves if allowed to continue. There’s no legal means of stopping him from doing this, especially so if he creates corporations that hide the true identities of their principals.

    Ponzi was released on bail pending an appeal. He promptly started another scam. His luck failed him and he was caught. He managed to escape in some fashion, but was finally caught again. After serving time for the various crimes he committed he was extradited to Italy. Even there he continued to launch various scams.

    These people are compulsive. And psychological treatment of such people only is effective if they want to change their behavior.

    I’ve known sleazebags of this sort. They get caught, and soon as possible start all over again. One such disreputable character was a relative by marriage. He ot caught in various schemes but was able to legally wrangle his way out of prosecution. Lots of people were hurt by his various activities.

    As far as taking custody of the kid, that often does happen when the home environment is considered a negative one. However, this does rarely happen. What should happen is not the reality.

  7. I disagree with you Ned – this guy needs to be locked up not put back on the streets cleaning up garbage.

    Anyone who is “verging on psychotic” or had “an explosive personality.” and keeps a semi automatic machine gun and five other guns (according to the Daily News) on hand is indeed a menace and danger to society and needs to be put away.

    The Daily News also reported that “when he was cuffed he was bawling like a baby.” Classic bully behavior. He can dish it out, but he can’t take it.

  8. I love how his lawyer said there’s no accusations of him making any threats… yet there’s tons of reports on the other side filing them. Oh and guns firing blanks… Um yeah, blanks hurt, depending on the range, and can even require hospital admittance.

  9. That’s a nice truck there buddy! I bet you dont feel so good now.. do you? And your wife will HAVE TO get a job (sucking dick) now because money will run out soon.. I heard to lease this baby 800$/month.

  10. Taking his kids would do what? Your rational is seriously flawed. Plus, unless the mother was unfit, the government would not take the kid from her, and for good reason. Also, do you really think that would be proper?

    I could care if he rots in prison for 50+ years, but I don’t understand why you think the government should or would have the right to take the kids from the mother here.

  11. It would depend much on how aware and approving the mother was of his activities. Personal experience (and I will not elaborate in order to protect some who were victims) leads me to believe that she knew and approved. Thusly, a bad environment for a child.

    This sort of thing may well come up in a trial.

  12. yea imagine if he was a Crack dealer….. and the mother was aware he was selling crack… Automatically we know that the environment wasn’t good for a kid to grow up in.

  13. I’ve seen it first hand, the individual involved was a white collar criminal with the same sociopathic tendencies as this one. The mother was fine with everything as long as the money came in. Her values were no better than his. When the shit hit the fan she got all moralistic about it.

    Their children are all psychologically damaged as a result.

  14. Death penalty MUST be used more often (without appeals), for other crimes.

    Implementing this rule will reduce the prison population; and even have the benefit of having more organ tissue available for transplantation.

    These types of plagues of the earth will be BUTT FUK’D BY SATAN.

  15. This guy is a real creep who loved intimidating people..especially women.
    I say stick him in prison for a while and see how he likes being intimidated.

  16. This guy, and his wife too if the authorities can prove it, certainly deserve punishment. But ‘Pure Evil’?

    Maybe it’s all my reading of fantasy novels and playing D&D over the years but this guy doesn’t qualify as Pure Evil. Pure Evil is setting off a Nuclear Bomb to start a war just to make profit. Pure Evil is poisoning a water supply to kill off a specific group of people. Pure Evil is the GOP. This guy is just slime. He’s more like a mean hobgoblin bully who gets beaten down by a passing hero. :-p

  17. Pure evil is stealing and then taunting your victim when they seek restitution. It is making threats with the assumption that they are above the law. Some people live lives that consist of one anti-social act after another. They enjoy inflicting harm upon others. They care not about the negative effect of their behavior, in fact, they are proud of it. Pure evil.

  18. If a judge agrees that the SUV is an illegally gained asset, it will be confiscated and auctioned off to provide compensation for victims. That will be your chance!

  19. Question all – why is this assholes site still up? This guy is the biggest coward (I dealt with him) – thank God he did not rip me off – my old boyfriend, a cop, made sure of that. Showed up at his door and the guy was almost in tears – he tried to report him for “police brutality” – but they blew it off. THE GUY IS A COWARD WHO WAS HIDING BEHIND HIS COMPUTER AND PHONE. Hope they make an example of him. Sounds harsh, but his wife must be a real winner! HAPPY HOLIDAYS ALL!

  20. youre an idiot who knows nothing of the law so stfu and stop copying and pasting the majority of your posts from wikipedia you dumb shrill.

  21. ahhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahaha.

    i called the number they have on their website just to complain and mess with them after i read the first article. wow i should have taped that call. anyway i say good show NYPD

  22. Those guys get a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card, and that is certainly wrong. This one is not of that class and society can expect that he will be held accountable. The next one who might think about scamming customers might think twice. His arrogance didn’t do him in, it just did him in quicker.

  23. I cannot believe this guys website is still listed on Google. Why doesn’t google ban it? I would also like to see some pictures of this guys face.

  24. Unfortunately Google won’t ban it (though it is a good thing), as if it was that easy to ban bad sites, competitors would make more false claims against one another to get them off of search engines. It’s bad enough with the fake reviews from the businesses posing as others to boost their own reviews and bash competitors. Google can however adjust their formula to decrease the search priorities for negatively-reviewed sites (as they have done in this case), but their main priority is still to be a search engine, listing both the good and bad sites of the internet.

  25. Not true. Google does ban domains, but usually only for suspected SEO abuses, not complaints from users/competitors. This certainly does seem like a case where the site should be banned – but perhaps Google is waiting for it to go through court, first. Innocent until proven guilty, right?

  26. Their immediate concern was that negative behavior (or even links from material critical of a site) could unduly influence a sites Google rank. Supposedly changes were put in place that would counter that sort of phenomena.

  27. Unless you’ve walked in the victims’ shoes, you really can’t judge this guy and how he should or shouldn’t be punished. He stalked me for two years — called in the middle of the night, as well as repeatedly throughout the day, said he was outside my house and to “come outside or else” in the middle of the night, called repeatedly and left threats, and called me every name in the book (yup, you name it, he said it — a real whack job) — just a big bully — all this over a cheap pair of eyeglasses. He’s a psychotic head case who holds no regard or respect for people, and needs to be held accountable for his actions to the fullest extent of the law. Period.

  28. sorry to disappoint u guys, but this guy is the biggest pussy that ever walked the earth. i went to hs with him. u are all nuts and talking out of your ass

  29. And the New York Times was talking out of their ass too? And please inform the various authorities that are going to be charging him with harassment and cyberstalking.

    Who cares if you think he’s the biggest pussy. He’s turned into one of the biggest jackasses that ever brayed.

  30. Hey tuff guy now everyone knows where you live, and your license plate number and car. BBAHAHAHAAAA im gnna git you man

  31. Spending half his life in prison and the state taking custody of his kid wouldn’t be quite extreme in my opinion. He was more than a menace, he was a pyschotic nutcase who terrorized his customers and went so far as too threaten to sexually assault one of his customers and had a woman call her credit card company pretending to be her requesting they cancel the chargeback she had filed against his company. Anyone who does that should not be allowed to raise a child and deserves to lose their freedom for a very long tiem.


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