Visiting Ennis Playground

Visiting Ennis Playground
Ennis Playground

Crowded Slope playgrounds have you down? We recently walked over to Gowanus to give Ennis Playground a whirl, and were pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was.

Despite being surrounded by industrial buildings (the park is located between 11th and 12th Street/2nd and 3rd Avenue), the playground feels like a quiet and shady oasis. On a beautiful Sunday morning, we were the only ones there, which was a nice change from some of our regular haunts like J.J. Byrne, Harmony and Slope Park.

There is no new or fancy equipment (which might not be a bad thing), but it was all clean, and there were enough ladders and slides to keep the kid happy for almost two hours.

ennis playground swings

There’s also a handful of toddler swings (no big kid swings, though), and plenty of benches for you weary parental units.


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