Violent Passenger Forces B1 Bus Evacuation And Car Accident On 86th Street

Photo by Elle Spektor

A violent straphanger caused the evacuation of a Brighton Beach-bound B1 bus on 86th Street yesterday afternoon, and police were called to the scene to respond.

The incident occurred at approximately 7:00 p.m. Wednesday as the bus came to the intersection of 20th Avenue and 86th Street. It’s unclear what the passenger was doing to cause the evacuation, but the bus driver told our reporter, Elle Spektor, that someone was violent and the individual resisted arrest.

Spektor said approximately 50 people, many who had fled the bus itself, crowded the sidewalk to watch as three officers arrived and entered the bus to remove the individual.

During the commotion, two cars, attempting to maneuver the traffic snarl that resulted from the evacuation, collided in the intersection. No one was injured.


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