Video: Sea Creatures In Brighton Beach!

We all know by now that some of the weirdest things in the city can be seen on the sands of Brighton Beach. But if you were idling around the boardwalk in mid-January and saw ancient sea gods and mythical creatures rising from the waters, you needn’t have worried – it was not an army of evil sea monsters arriving on the shores to exact vengeance for years of polluting their habitat.

It was just, you know, a sea creature party.

Blending the frigid dips of the Polar Bears with the colorful costumery of the Mermaid Parade, a group of lunatics revelers took to the beaches in mid-January for some fun in the sun and, er, snow.

The video above, shot by a BronxNet reporter, recently hit YouTube, alerting us to the fact that this thing even exists. Though the video only just now hit the net, a related Flickr slideshow says the event took place January 14.

Anyone looking forward to next year’s?