Video: Improv Everywhere, Including Brighton Beach

The star for street comedy group Improv Everywhere keeps rising, and this time it shines over Brighton Beach.

This is the same group that brought you sidewalk pedestrian lanes for natives and tourists, as well as line-for-line reenactments of the capture of Princess Leia – on a subway car. Not to mention the epic “Frozen Grand Central” vid that played on airwaves across the city.

Improv Everywhere hit Brighton Beach on Saturday, August 21. Their mission? To seed the beach with hundreds of people in black tie wardrobe. Tuxes, suits, gowns – the whole shebang. Directed not to acknowledge the fact that they stood out, they played in the sand, swam, and even applied sunscreen while all gussied up.

The result? Brighton Beach became known momentarily for smiles and laughs, and not kvetching babushkas.