VIDEO: Ice Cream Girl's Fundraiser Rakes In $1,000+

The “We ♥ Japan” relief fundraiser of Gravesend held by the “Ice Cream Girl” came out to be a successful night bringing more than 100 residents to the event and raising $1,097 for Japan’s earthquake and tsunami relief efforts.

Maria “The Ice Cream Girl” Campanella collected donations for the American Red Cross as she served Gravesend residents and young kids ice cream sundays, and all that donated enjoyed plates filled of pasta donated by Queen Anne Ravioli.

With live music pumping by Dj Frank Jaconetti of F2K Entertainment, children danced around with their ice cream-filled faces.

“I’m having a great time. A lot of people came tonight, we’re making money for Japan, and the kids are enjoying the ice cream and music. What’s better than this?” said Campanella.

Resident Cassie Mendola sold homemade cupcakes to raise more money for the suffering in Japan.

“I really enjoy being here and helping out right now. Its unfortunate what happened in Japan and I’m glad I can be apart of this fundraiser,” said Mendola.

All donations and proceeds from sales that were received last night will be put towards the American Red Cross in efforts to help the people in Japan recover from the traumatic earthquake.

Campenella is going to continue accepting donations for Japan and for those who wish to donate she can be contacted here: (917) 578-6374.

“I’d like to thank everyone who helped, from little kids to adults. I couldnt do it without them, everyone together did something small and it turned out to be something big,” said Campanella.