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Video: "Fishing In Jamaica Bay? Who Knew?"


This one comes in by way of Queens Crapper, who wrote the perfect blurb:

I like how the reporter and newscasters act like this is something that no one knew about and haven’t been doing for centuries…

I have a lot of nasty things to say about these people and the attitude that Southern Brooklyn is some uncharted wasteland waiting to be explored by Manhattan douchebags. But, well, the diplomatic side of me says I should keep it to myself and instead be grateful that one of our local industries got some good publicity. Let’s just hope it brings some clients down to Sheepshead Bay’s beleaguered fishermen.

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  1. I figured as much, but like the folks at News 7, there are many others that have no idea. I got a kick out of the last comment, where she said, “wow, big fish” Actually, it looked kinda short to me. Stripers need to be 28 inches long.

  2. I remember about 20 years ago going out on a boat parking under the Rockaway bridge and not fishing but catching Fluke all day long.

  3. I remember fishing off the sea wall with my father in the early – mid 70s. We would usually catch porgies. He'd bring them home and clean them in the kitchen, totally oblivious to the flying scales and the mess he was making. I can still see my mother standing at the door, arms crossed, foot tapping. If looks could kill. Anyway, we stopped fishing in the Bay because it began to leak out that it was contaminated with PCBs and heavy metals. Are they now saying it's OK to eat what you catch? I would think people would have to limit their consumption and not make the fish a regular meal.

  4. Too funny. Years ago my mother's boyfriend used to take us out near the Mill Basin and Rockaway bridges to catch bluefish. Used to catch those along with boots, twine and the occasional sand shark.

  5. Thanks for delivering the “news” Ch. 7!!! Who knew? Let's see, the American Indians, the Dutch, the British, Irish, Italians, Spanish, Blacks, Chinese, etc. Looks like everyone knew except the staff at ABC NEWS.


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