VIDEO: Deputy Inspector Gives March Crime Report

Deputy Inspector Georgios Mastrokostas of the 61st Precinct reported on the command’s crime-reduction efforts during the 61st Precinct Community Council’s March 9 meeting.

Among other things, the deputy inspector discussed:

  • Increasing Grand Theft Larceny incidents, which includes violations from pickpocketing to breaking into cars
  • Decreasing number of burglaries
  • Theft from gym lockers
  • The formation of the Midnight Conditions Team to combat car, tire and rim theft

During the question-and-answer period, not included in the video above, Mastrokostas spoke about police efforts to reduce speeding and other moving violations. He said summonses for moving violations for the year are up 7.5 percent – from 1,835 to 1,972; parking violations increased two percent, from 4,245 to 4,328 summonses issued.

In response to a Manhattan Beach resident’s concerns about the lack of police presence around the neighborhood’s five schools (including daycares), Mastrokostas pointed out that crime in that neighborhood hasn’t been an issue for some time, and resources were required elsewhere. Nostrand Avenue, Sheepshead Bay Road and Kings Highway are the areas where they’re having the most problem with youth violence, he said.


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