Video: Bill de Blasio Town Hall in Manhattan Beach

Bill de Blasio has the best job in New York City politics. As Public Advocate, de Blasio gets to rail all day against government bureaucracy, waste, and inefficiency – frequently to throngs of older New Yorkers. With a shtick like that you can never lose public support.

De Blasio came to Manhattan Beach last night to hold a Town Hall meeting. Hosted by the Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association, the discussion ranged from the responsibilities of the public advocate to tax hikes and service cuts. De Blasio also heard residents out about local issues like Manhattan Beach speeders (and the legendary concrete planters), as well as a discussion about MTA bus and subway issues in the area.

I apologize for the fuzzy video – I had some technical glitches that required me to swap cameras. Also, De Blasio is really tall, and I didn’t want to stand up to get a better angle. Bah humbug!