Video: 61st Precinct Deputy Inspector's April Report

We couldn’t make it to this week’s 61st Precinct Community Council meeting, but luckily Sheepshead Bites has a number of spies among its readership. Nolastname attended and captured this video for us of Deputy Inspector Georgios Mastrokostas giving his report to the council.

Among the topics the precinct’s commanding officer addressed is that the crime rates appear to have leveled off overall. But in what seemed to be a response to Sheepshead Bites’ report that violent crime is on the rise, Mastrokostas acknowledged that there has been an increase in felonious assaults. But the deputy inspector noted, as did our report, the stats don’t necessarily tell the whole story.

“[The uptick in assaults] comes with a whole host of things,” Mastrokostas said. “Most of the assaults are not random. They’re all for a reason. They’re disputes between people – people that know each other, who owes who money; they’re domestic in nature – so they’re really all over the place.”

He also noted that bars and clubs have not been much of a problem this year, with only one assault inside an establishment, and three others in the vicinity of another.

On the topic of precinct’s biggest crime plague – rim and tire theft – Mastrokostas announced that the newly-formed Midnight Conditions Unit is making headway. They arrested several people attempting auto break-ins and thefts, and made one arrest specifically for rims and tires. Since that arrest, there have been no reported rim and tire thefts, he said. The command usually experiences three to four rim and tire theft complaints a week.