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From The Inbox: UFO Spotted Over Manhattan Beach?

I’m Convinced.

Are we alone? Are the aliens visiting Southern Brooklyn? Here at Sheepshead Bites we have informed you on cases of mysteriously missing UFO hunters and the launching of a specialized UFO hotline but never an actual sighting.

Well, it looks like extra-terrestrial activity is indeed buzzing about our area. A reader, who wishes to remain anonymous, sent us the following e-mail concerning a UFO her grandmother was convinced she saw hovering over Manhattan Beach this weekend.

Good Morning Ned and Sheepshead Bites,

Ok before you send this e-mail over to trash bin, hear me out. I’m not one of those UFO believers who wear tin foil on their head walking around with a transistor radio.
But yesterday night, around 9 pm, my grandmother, who lives in Brighton beach (Brighton 13th) with windows facing Sheepshead/Manhattan Beach area, drove me nuts last night, telling me that there was something cigar shaped, red/pale red in color hanging over one of the buildings towards the Manhattan beach area.
She had somehow convinced my mother that there was something there as well, she lives in the same building as me, with windows facing the same way. I did not see anything.
Today, when grandma figured out how to e-mail pictures, she sent me the picture attached – Apparently whatever the blue rectangle is with some light around it, is what she claims was glowing red and not something she had seen before.
Anyways, was there any one else reporting something amiss in the neighborhood(s)?
Sorry for the grainy image, granny’s phone is not the newest model.
Also, please don’t use my name if you add this to the blog or facebook,( i feel ridiculous e-mailing this as is) You can use the picture tho.
Thank You.
Well, clearly, based on the image above, it is time to call in Mulder and Scully, or the Men in Black or the Ghostbusters. Maybe we should call all of them. I think it’s important to catch these aliens before anyone gets unnecessarily probed.
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  1. I live in Manhattan Beach and I heard what I thought to be strong winds vibrating my balcony door. I opened the door to investigate but it was not windy enough to do so. It sounded like vibrations so I just thought it might have something to do with the construction going on in the neighborhood/boardwalk.

  2. I was in an apartment building on Brighton 13th last night with a narrow view of Manhattan Beach (forgot what time) and heard, but did not see, a helicopter hovering for nearly 30 minutes. I wonder if there was a connection. Of course, Wednesday was the second day of the Jewish holiday, Shavuot, so something Blue and White might have been related to the celebration. Or maybe it’s just another Kingsborough science project.

  3. Yep. TV screen reflected off of a window of a shitty cell phone picture.

    Really sheepshead bites? Slow news day?

  4. The other night coming home drunk from the city, I think I saw this same thing… it was near the parachute jump in Coney Island. I also have an astigmatism, and it had a strange red glow to it and it was hovering there…. i was able to take a picture of it… and it was blue in the picture as well… i think it saw the flash from the cam because it flew away so fast straight up until it vanished in the sky so fast…wow… i am now a believer….they are here guys, and they are in our hood…


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