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UA Theater To Feature All Night Screenings Of Latest Batman Movie This Weekend

Is that the UA parking deck behind Batman?

Looks like the rebooted Batman series Dark Knight is trying to reclaim the coveted mantle of “Biggest All-Time Opening Weekend at the Box Office,” and it’s getting a little help from Regal Entertainment, operator of the United Artists Sheepshead Bay Stadium 14 (3907 Shore Parkway).

Regal announced yesterday that their theaters will feature 72-hours of continuous screenings of The Dark Knight Rises, the last in the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy opening this Friday, July 20.

Before making the announcement, Regal had already sold out tickets in more than 100 theaters nationwide.

But that’s not all. Regal is also doing a marathon showing of the entire Batman trilogy, letting moviegoers what all three Nolan flicks for $25 on Thursday, July 19.

So who’s beating the heat at the movies this weekend?

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  1. No thanks! You couldn’t pay me to go watch a movie at this sorry movie theater. Ghetto thugs, Loud obnoxious teens using their cell phones during the movie, Bedbugs on every seat. Hopefully by the time the movie is over your car wasn’t keyed or had its windows smashed in.

    I will Let you in on a little secret. Drive about 30 minutes east to Long Island and you will have a choice of many clean movie theaters with respectful patrons.

  2. The bedbug rumor was totally untrue, that one was what, 2 years ago? No bedbug has been found there to my knowledge. Please direct me to an article if you found otherwise.

       I find the Sheepshead Theater quite acceptable in all ways. Of course there’s the occasional rude loudmouth. I doubt I Long Island is exempt from that.

    Can’t help but thinking, I might be one of the ghetto thugs, my sweatpants were accidentally falling down one day.

  3. I am at this theater weekly.  No there never was bedbugs ( yes,  just a rumor), the patrons are quiet, I have never seen a fight, and it is generally clean.  My car has never had a problem there – except when I locked my keys in my car damm them all to hell!  Sorry I lost my head;  but Quant, you seemed to have a bug up your butt for unknown reasons.  hush now and go to the cinema.


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