Two Years After Devastating Fire, Empire Beauty School Reopens On 86th Street


Talk about a makeover! Two years after a three-alarm fire swept through 2384 86th Street, the building’s primary tenant, Empire Beauty School, has reopened and the building has received a face-lift.

The address was the site of a fire in June 2011 that reportedly began in the restaurant that occupied the same building. The structure was badly damaged, leading to its overhaul. An employee told us Empire Beauty School reopened a “few months ago,” so we’re a little late on the huzzahs and hurrahs, but huzzah and hurrah nonetheless.

Below is how it looked before the fire. We’re not sure if we’ll miss the graffiti mural. It wasn’t bad, but a brighter, cleaner building might be better suited under the el.

Empire Beauty School (Source: Google Maps)